Board of Commissioners Update

Hello wonderful residents of Woodland Hills. My name is Sean Killeen, and I am privileged to announce that I was appointed to finish the mayor’s term, ending on 12/31/22. This position was vacated by Mike Ochs’ departure from the City of Woodland Hills on October 27, 2020, after faithfully serving as both a commissioner and mayor. Prior to my appointment, I served on the board as a commissioner.

We have one more announcement as well. To fill my position, we have appointed Sarah Hook as commissioner. Sarah brings much to the Board of Commissioners, and we are fortunate to have her contribution. Her current term will last through 12/31/22.

We always work to achieve optimal outcomes for Woodland Hills and its residents. Please reach out to give us any feedback at We want to hear from you and get your input, feedback, and any concerns. We also have monthly Zoom meetings, which are open for residents to join. Please email us or see our calendar page for information on how to join.

Once again, it is my pleasure to serve you. I look forward to hearing from and working with you.

-Sean Killeen

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