Optimism in 2020

  Summer is finally here!!!  2020 has certainly brought its challenges… some of which have never been experienced in our lifetime.  During times like these, it has proven beneficial to “seek the good stuff” and hold close those who you care about the most.  Your elected officials have taken each of these challenges very seriously and are mindful of the impact to our community. 

  The swing sets were reopened recently and our park is being prepared to host the Woodland Hills Summerfest on Saturday, July 18th at 6:30pm.  Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers will be back in style and ready to perform to their full potential.  Of course, we ask that everyone use caution and not attend if you have any coronavirus-like symptoms.  Fortunately, we’ll all be outside and our large park is very conducive to social distancing.  😊

  We were able to approve city ordinances that positively affected our small city, to include continuing our streak of avoiding a property tax increase once again.  Community input is always welcomed and can be best communicated through the contact avenues below or at our monthly Woodland Hills Commission meetings (currently held via Zoom). 

Very Best Regards,

Mayor “Mike” Ochs

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