The Mayor’s Corner with Mike Ochs

Message from the Mayor 7/22/2019

City Council Transitions and More

With the change in seasons, Woodland Hills also experienced its own transitions over the last few months.  Sean Killeen took on a role as City Commissioner from Brad Ricca, and I was entrusted through your votes to become the Mayor of Woodland Hills.  I am very happy to report that Dave Tilford is staying on to continue his selfless service to our city as a commissioner; of course, this is after twelve outstanding years of leadership as the previous Mayor.  While we are elated that Dave is still with us, we are sad to say that Brad Ricca has resigned from the position of commissioner due to his out-of-state move from Kentucky.  Brad’s last day of service was on May 31st, and his contributions to our small city were tremendous.  We wish Brad and his Family a very bright future, as they will all be sorely missed. 

  We were able to complete ordinances that positively affected our small city, to include avoiding a property tax increase from Louisville Metro that could have impacted Woodland Hills residents.  Your city council takes their elected roles very seriously, and will always seek what is in the best interest of you and your Families.  Community input is always welcomed and can be best communicated through the contact avenues below or at our monthly Woodland Hills council meetings.

  Also, after much research and community engagement, the No Stopping signs are now in place and being enforced.  This deliberate action was thoroughly examined prior to implementation and has been years in the making.  The intent is to ensure the safety and property of our residents will be protected and additional damage avoided.  A special thank you goes out to those who participated in our Town Hall on the subject last December.

  Last but not least, please be sure to attend our annual Woodland Hills Summerfest on Saturday, July 13th at 6:30pm.  We are expecting yet another outstanding event with great entertainment, and look forward to seeing you all there!

Michael Ochs, Mayor

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